Dr. Gina Porter D.C. achieved her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Dr. Porter believes in a multidisciplinary approach to pain relief and wellness and encourages all patients to be proactive during their treatment.  The simple sensible idea of addressing the “cause” rather than the “symptom” is congruent with her idea of healthcare; it has inherent merit; hence the name Total Body Health.


Total Body Health is more than your traditional chiropractic office. Dr. Gina is not only trained in manipulating the spine to re-align the vertebrae and relieve pressure off the nerves; she also focuses on the whole body being aligned.  She is introducing total body adjusting to her patients and community, educating them about corrective chiropractic maintenance care!


 Dr. Porter believes that the entire body needs to be addressed to achieve the optimum and successful adjustment to the spine.  A “total body adjustment” helps the body function at its optimal level for each individual patient. Dr. Porter maintains that chiropractic care focuses on the whole body including and not limited to the chiropractic adjustment but also; patient education, participation in coordinated care, nutrition, physiotherapy/ancillary procedures, case management, spinal hygiene, including ergonomics posture and exercise.

Candace Bowling - Office Manager

Megan Porter - Office Assistant